Tri-County Community Partnership (TCCP)

Civic infrastructure to ensure effective, inclusive, and equitable rapid response

[Interested in building a cross-sector vaccine equity coalition elsewhere? Click here for some guidance from our experience]

Who We Are

The Tri-County Community Partnership is an innovative, cross-sectoral and cross-regional effort in Southern California that harnesses the talent and civic energy of government agencies, community media, nonprofits, businesses, and faith-based organizations to collaborate on common solutions to major issues. The TCCP builds on the foundations of 2020 Census outreach in the counties of Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino, and is an early national model on rapid response that benefits from investments in civic infrastructure.

Our Vision

The first major task of TCCP is to connect and collaborate on vaccine outreach. The partnership is tackling several, inter-related problems related to vaccine hesitancy, vaccine logistics, and vaccine equity. Partners in the effort are using TCCP to effectively learn, share, and collaborate across county lines, and to harness the expertise of trusted community partners and trusted messengers in various sectors. 

The intent is for the TCCP to continue beyond 2021, with other issues such as housing and food insecurity as significant regional priorities.


Our current members consist of different stakeholders from the following sectors: 


Southern California Regional Office of Governor Newsom

US Census Bureau  

Riverside County Public Health 

San Bernardino County Behavioral Health

Imperial County Public Health


Inland Empire Media Table


The California Endowment 

First 5 Riverside

First 5 San Bernardino

Parkview Legacy Foundation 

Research partners:

Center for Social Innovation, UCR

*Members convene virtually every Thursday at 4pm PST


Riverside County 

  • Launch of Mobile Clinics with a focus on rural communities throughout the county
  • Deployment of Vaccine Equity Taskforce
  • Demographic data and racial equity tracking
  • Partnerships with community based organizations who serve as trusted messengers

San Bernardino County

  • Equity partnership with Loma Linda University and Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement
  • Launch of mass clinics and mobile clinics

Imperial County

  • Launch of mass clinics 


  • Connection and partnership creation among faith-based organizations across counties


Community partnerships are critical to vaccine access

Karthick Ramakrishnan, The Press Enterprise


To get more information and to get involved, please contact the Center for Social Innovation team:

Paola Avendano

External Affairs Associate, CSI-UCR

Karla Lopez Del Rio

Associate Director, CSI-UCR