This is a shared and coordinated platform for updates on resources, needs, and opportunities connected to the COVID-19 response, including immediate and longer-term impacts connected to community health, economic vitality, belonging, and equity.

With so many changes occurring every week, it is more vital than ever for leaders in the Inland Empire to share timely information about critical needs and opportunities.

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  • This survey will be used to inform future rounds of funding in the region, and will also be used to connect nonprofits with technical assistance on various aspects of COVID-19 adaptation and recovery. Note: organizations who already filled out ROUND 1 of the survey will need to fill out ROUND 2 to receive full consideration.
  • Visit the Loan Application Assistance Program, an initiative developed by the Inland Empire Community Collaborative and Caravanserai Project, to provide assistance for nonprofits navigating the CARES Act
  • Visit our Data and Research section as we continue to build a learning community, to support the economic resilience and healing work underway

Webinars: Inland Empire Community Foundation (IECF) and the Center for Social Innovation (CSI-UCR) are committing to host a regular set of community updates via a Zoom webinar in response to COVID-19. Please check our events page for more!